MBA Alumni Professionals (MAPs)

    20010-2011 MAPs Board

     Nancy Valdivia'06, '09MBA, Chair

    Darcy Stoltz Burke '87, '09MBA

    Canetana Hurd '08,10MBA
    Maria Real'11MBA

    Mission Statement:

    The Mount St. Mary’s MBA Alumni Professionals (MAPs) is committed to foster a
    culture of educational, personal, and professional development for students and alumni.
    Through collaboration, develop leaders in the business community by leveraging
    opportunities for mentorship, advocating service, and diverse networking forums in order
    to advance and enrich the MBA program.


    1. Liaise MBA alumni professionals to the College through various activities

    2. Mentor alumni and students in order to promote their educational, personal, and professional development

    3. Foster social consciousness by advocating service with a purpose

    4. Provide networking opportunities with industry leaders to stay abreast of the competitive and evolving landscape

    5. Generate financial support for MBA students and its programs

    6. Assist and provide support in the recruitment of MBA students

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